[TechUkraine on Web Summit]] What we have done

[TechUkraine on Web Summit]????????]

What we have done: Surf Pitch Night at Web Summit????
Why: To showcase the blue ocean of talents and opportunities to an international audience.
How: We covered the topics of Ecosystem Overview by Nataly Veremeeva of TechUkraine, Konstantin Vasyuk of IТ Ukraine Association, and Oleksii Grushetskyi of Export Promotion Office/Офіс з Просування Експорту +21 startup in the industries from HealthTech, AgTech, Retail, Fashion, Entertainment, Sport, and Education pitch their products in front of more than 200 international attendees.

What are the results????:
We speak by the words of feedbacks????:

Hugo Amsellem, The Family: “I was truly impressed by the ambition and mindset of these Ukrainian founders, not only their accent makes them sounds like math geniuses, but the metrics they achieve bootstrapping only is rarely seen in Berlin, Paris or London — excited ???? ????????

Panis Pieri, DisruptEurope: “The Ukrainian startup scene at #WebSummit2019
Great work UTEW Tech Tribe!!! This is how you present a country and startups in the biggest tech festival on the planet. By organizing a side pitch event and inviting stakeholders, investors, etc. Excellent job Alexandra Govorukha, Inna Stelmakh and #TechUkraine!”

We impressed☺️ and ready to do every day more – connect, empower and grow Ukrainian Tech Ecosystem and scale the local startups globally. Let’s make Ukraine a leading Tech Nation, together!
Thanks for funding Serf Pitch Night at Web summit: USAID Ukraine – USAID Україна, Програма USAID «Конкурентоспроможна економіка України», GIZ Ukraine.
And thanks for the excellent organization: UTEW Tech Tribe, TechUkraine, Export Promotion Office/Офіс з Просування Експорту and IТ Ukraine Association
#TechUkraine #SurfPitchNight #WS2019