[Today we have launched the TechUkraine Changemake…

[Today we have launched the TechUkraine Changemakers????!]

TechUkraine ChangeMakers???????? is the community of the network of opinion leaders of the industry, influential tech drivers, visioners, ecosystem builders and powerful enablers which have high-potential social capital, valuable experience, striking achievements, deep involvement of the world tech institutions, communities they lead, respect and recognition among various groups of tech ecosystem stakeholders.

????Mission: strategic development, support, and implementation of the recommendations by Export strategy for IT Sector 2019-2023 embodied at TechUkraine platform and further ideas that will be gathered in our later communications
????Vision: to build bridges between industry shapers, promote and boost Ukrainian tech scene, empower industry to rise worldwide.

Why join:
????become an essential part of the disruptive and influential community of tech visioners, ecosystem builders with a global mindset and powerful policymakers of the industry.
????A synergy of community members and network benefits
????Invitation to all TechUkraine events
????Access to the communication channels of TechUkraine

To become a TechUkraine ChangeMaker????:
1. Apply: https://techukraine.typeform.com/to/RL1rnc
2. Join the FB group TechUkraine Changemakers: https://www.facebook.com/groups/techukraine/
3. Add to your company’ site the stamp Proudly Part of TechUkraine, linked to Techukraine.org portal, which promotes the UA Tech worldwide: http://bit.ly/2s971q4

Become TechUkraine ChangeMaker and let's make Ukraine TechUkraine, together!????
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