Why Silicon Valley is on the hunt for Ukrainian IT specialists

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The highlights of the talk with Andrei Kirilenko, a professor of economics at Cambridge University and the man behind the idea of the book Awesome Digital Ukraine; Юрій Антонюк, vice-president of EPAM Ukraine; and Kira Rudik, a Ukrainian MP and previous director of Ring Ukraine.

Kira Rudik:
????I can name at least three points that make Ukrainian IT cool.
Firstly, we are a space nation – we have had and still have a space industry.
Secondly, we have many universities and our education is developing.
Thirdly, we have many people who want to take part in the IT industry.

????They are physically in Ukraine, although mentally they belong to a global community. They are the first to catch on to global trends and broadcast them on their own channels.????

Юрій Антонюк:
????Ukraine is in the top ten countries in the world for education. There’s no other national indicator like this, beyond talent and education. This is the basis we have laid.????

????We are a nation of ‘troubleshooters’, i.e. people who are just good at fixing problems. … I remember lots of times when clients were unhappy with something and just said: “Let’s just give it to the Ukrainians to sort out!”… That is a property of the Ukrainian character: we know how to do better, and we just do it.????

????The people who work in the tech industry make up a class of independent people. Their new mentality is changing the whole landscape of countries all over. IT is a new property that has been created with people’s intellect.

Andrei Kirilenko:
????We should tell people that we were the first to make a prototype of the internet, that we came up with basic high-level programming language – then they’ll realize how cool we are!????

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Why Silicon Valley is on the hunt for Ukrainian IT specialists

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