Podcast with Kirill Bigai of Preply

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Today Podcast, hosted by Andrii Degeler, released the new episode with Kirill Bigai from ????????, a Ukrainian online learning platform, which has raised $10 million in a round led by London-based Hoxton Ventures and others.

Listen to the show and discover the latest news by Kyiv-born company and the potential of the Ukrainian tech ecosystem????
Preply is not only about learning, but also about communication between people around the world;
Effect of COVID 19 is deeply upsetting, but at the same time we see the increasing demand for online learning;
The startup ecosystem in Ukraine is growing, EU and the USA companies open the R&D centers in Ukraine, Ukraine is strong in tech and has talent pool, we should build more connections internationally and scale-up

Kirill Bigai of Preply that’s just raised $10 million; Hjalmar Nordegren of Karma on fighting food waste amidst pandemic | on acast

This week, we've got two interviews to share with you. The first one is with Kirill Bigay from Preply, a language learning startup from Ukraine that's got pretty big news to share. The other is with Hjalmar Nordegren from Karma, a Swedish startup that fights food waste globally. Check out the full s…