[Opportunities for startups]

[Opportunities for startups?]

1️⃣ What: Meetup #10 – Lviv (ONLINE)?? – The second online-only event, a workshop by an expert in the field of creating a sound financial plan & budget for your project, Online Pitching Session of the best startups from Lviv

When: May 7, 17: 00 Kyiv time!
?Registration https://bit.ly/2Wc2y2m

via Polish – Ukrainian Startup Bridge

2️⃣ Special offer by Ragnar Sass, CEO of LIFT99co: "If you are brave enough to try startup founders' life – then send me your idea – I give feedback + 2 months free membership in LIFT99 Tallinn or Kyiv startup HUBs (yes – we are open). Most importantly – you will be part of a community of 400 amazing startup folks – including every single expert you need to build your first prototype & get first clients. Moreover – if you have a working prototype with revenue at the end of 2 months, then I will be your first investor with 10k (SAFE, 20% discount). Bring it on."
?Send ideas to fuckcorona@lift99.co

3️⃣In October 2020, Wenzhou, China will host an annual event – University Startup World Cup??.

?Who could participate:
? Healthtech, Greentech, ICT (information communication technology), and Smart City.
? in the early stages of implementation as well as in the growth stage
?Prize pool:
?Top 10 will be determined – 2 winners in each category (who will receive $1000) and 2 winners of the competition in total (who will receive $15 000)
?The organizers will cover the flight (up to $ 1000), accommodation, local transportation, etc.
Deadline: June 1, 2020:
? Apply now https://bit.ly/2YJlEP0
Via Startup Kyiv