[What a day] TechUkraine Anniversary

[What a day?]

1 year ago we had our first team kick-start call?. So today is our anniversary as a dream ?that started to come true.
A lot of conditions needed to be in place for us to happen.

Today we want to say thanks to all who help us stay stronger – we appreciate the support, partnership, and collaboration. Special thanks to our team members and advisors which keeps moving and developing the project every day❤️.

?Read more about our 1-year path here: https://bit.ly/35ZmGYN

Everything stated above wouldn’t be possible without the support of GIZ Ukraine????, which funded these projects (Export Strategy for Ukraine was also co-funded by Western NIS Enterprise Fund). GIZ Ukraine also supported TechUkraine with our first three initiatives that we started with.

?Excited to move forward with such a great base we have created in our first year of existence. More to come!
Let's Make Ukraine TechUkraine, together!?

With: Nataly Veremeeva, Inna Stelmakh, Iryna Supruniuk, Stas Petriv, Alissa Ban'kovskaya, Ivan Pohrebniyak, Evgeniya Shalenko, Max Grant, Mykola Slobodian, Єгор Чернєв, Deborah Fairlamb, Alexandra Govorukha, Katherina Degtyar, Hannah Zenn, Khrystyna Popovych, Anastasiia Diana Kondratiuk, Ruben Niewenhuis, Emilie Verbunt, Minouche Cramer, Natalia Mykolska, Olesya Zaluska, Olga Afanasieva, Olga Shapoval, Roman Zinchenko, Jane Klepa, Андрій Заікін, Alexandre Yurchak, Kirill Mazur, Violeta Moskalu, Solomiya Lototska, Andriy Kolodiy, Dominique Piotet, Valentyna Rakitina, Dima Gadomsky, Mykyta Torubka, Oksana Kochkodan, Наталья Гайкалова, David Roberts, Benjamin Klinger, Dušan Kulka, Valeriy Dobrovolski, Алина Шишкина .