[TechUkraine News] Rebranding Energy for a Brighter Future: ELEKS at CHARGE 2020

Rebranding Energy for a Brighter Future: ELEKS at CHARGE 2020

Major energy stakeholders and tech pioneers, including ELEKS, tackle the sector’s need to challenge
the status quo in 2020.

CHARGE’s global Energy Branding conference takes place this September at the University of Iceland in Reykjavik – simultaneously airing online due to the ongoing challenges presented by social distancing. On September 28th and 29th, CHARGE will bring together experts in the field of energy branding and pioneering technology, to address changing global priorities and how energy businesses can adapt to honour that shift.

The energy market is at a crossroads, as businesses and consumers alike struggle to comprehend the potential repercussions of the global pandemic. Consumer trust has plummeted while awareness around the social and environmental impacts of modern life reaches an all-time high, presenting a huge opportunity for renewables and green initiatives. This year’s conference aims to unpack how energy firms can responsibly transition to a new world of energy production which could tackle employment, economic recovery and the global climate fallout.

Among other innovative speakers, ELEKS will be hosting an entire Sunday workshop dedicated to pioneering energy product development. On Monday Taras Tovstyak – Director of Customer Success for the firm – will be hosting a session on how to harness technology to build consumer trust.

Energy businesses now face an ultimatum: adapt for a more sustainable future or risk going bust. At the heart of that change is communication, and the conference aims to unite the energy sector’s top minds in constructing better energy brands for the modern world.

Find out more about CHARGE 2020 and register your interest in the event now.

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