[TechUkraine news] This Friday Ukrainian Startup Fund holds the fourteenth Pitch Day

[TechUkraine news?] This Friday Ukrainian Startup Fund holds the fourteenth Pitch Day, where everyone can see what they are, the latest projects of Ukrainian startups, how they perform and what they offer to business ☄️ Maybe it will inspire you to your own development

If you are interested, you can watch the live broadcast directly from your warm offices or beds on the official YouTube channel ? :
The link to the broadcast will automatically appear on the channel on the day of the Pitch ? Start at 13:00. We are looking forward to you!
This time, ten startups will perform at the pre-seed stage. Each of them competes for a $ 25,000 grant. Who are they? ?
⭐️ Educational platform ZeroOne. The educational platform (marketplace of educational courses) for effective distance learning, where experts meet and are able to teach their topics and students who seek to consume quality educational content using the platform’s smart tools.
⭐️ Welp. The online platform for peer-2-peer lending. We bring together people who need money and people who can borrow a certain amount of income at the same place.
⭐️ Muscreators. The online service for effective and large-scale artist promotion. It provides ready-made solutions for effective promotional campaigns in global and local markets. Muscreators is a reliable bridge between artist and fan through media channels around the world.
⭐️ Smart Way. The service for international transportation. The mobile application is for: driver, carrier, sender / recipient of goods, in order to quickly cross the border, order online customs services and receive useful services on the road. The mobile application for easy interaction with customs at the border.
⭐️ Agro247. The marketplace for farmers and buyers of groceries.
⭐️ iceFood. Frozen ready-to-eat healthy and healthy first courses, main courses, desserts, smoothies and health bowls, which take 3-5 minutes to prepare.
⭐️ Impulsar is software for people with mental disorders. Impulsar software can “look into the future” and save lives. Impulsar helps monitor and analyze the condition of people with autism and dementia, and notifies people with epilepsy in advance of the likelihood of developing a crisis.
⭐️ TUT. The online platform for cooperation between business and housing cooperative through a built-in loyalty and cashback program.
⭐️ LiVi. Software, video editor for creating interactive video.
⭐️ RE-leaf PAPER. Kraft paper, which is made by RE-leaf technology, based on the fibrous mass of fallen leaves.
?And we remind you that the Ukrainian Startup Fund is constantly accepting new applications. So if you have an interesting startup at the pre-seed or seed stage, go to our website https://usf.com.ua/. There are all the details about getting a grant for your business. Well, it’s quite simple, really ?
Let’s make Ukraine TechUkraine, together!?