[TechUkraine news] The expert view on the trends of the IT market in Ukraine

Nataly Veremeeva, director of TechUkraine, shared the expert view on the trends of the IT market in Ukraine for the project of Райффайзен Банк Аваль / Raiffeisen Bank Aval

⛳️“Ukrainian IT industry is the hope of the Ukrainian economy, which is developing dynamically. Exactly in IT, we have a chance to make headway due to the scope and speed of the companies’ growth and their income. IT has a unicorn phenomenon – companies the price of which may reach up to 1 bn in a short period, up to 5 years. When the IT market started moving to global outsourcing and outstaffing markets – models based on which development services are rendered pursuant to orders, this market generated the pool of entrepreneurs and developers with the experience of cooperation with Western customers and working in Western markets. Now it’s the turn of the next stage – the development of product companies. And this stage has already started.”

⛳️“Under the circumstances in the local market, entering the global market is the key aspect of the commercial success of the product/company.”
⛳️‘We need to concentrate on the currently growing sectors. This includes everything related to remote work, online education, conference communication, management of remote allocated teams in general, as well as online entertainment – games, video content. Tendencies for remote work and online educational formats will remain and will be growing in the future.”
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