[TechUkraine news] Founded by Ukrainian the UK’s first ‘challenger lenders’ Koto has raised €1.4 million investment round

One of the UK’s first ‘challenger lenders’ – a credit provider built on e-money Koto, founded by Ukrainian Misha Rogalsky, the co-founder of Ukraine’s first mobile-only bank, Monobank, has raised €1.4 million investment round!

Misha Rogalsky, Executive Chairman: “We founded koto because there are 12 million other creditworthy people in the UK who are excluded by mainstream lenders. After proving our business model in Ukraine, we are excited to disrupt the UK consumer credit market with a company that brings a prime product, experience, and service to near-prime credit. We’re here to take the fear and stress out of credit in the UK.”
via EU-Startups