[Opportunity] The SaaS Tech track by Sector X Acceleration Platform

Sector X Acceleration Platform announces a set of startups on the SaaS (Software-as-a-Service technologies) Tech track!
Partner of Sector X on SaaS Tech track is one of the largest telecommunications companies in Ukraine – Укртелеком!

The feature of the SaaS track is that not only representatives of Ukrtelecom will work with startups, but also possible launches of pilots and other interaction with top clients of Ukrtelecom in the following areas:
?Oil and gas
?United Territorial Communities

Who can participate
✅Local SaaS – B2C/B2B+B2G
✅SaaS vertical industry solutions- B2B+B2G, IT
✅Smart premise and Smart city – B2C/B2B+B2G
✅Remote work – RE, IT
✅Gamification/ Virtualization of traditional businesses- B2C/B2B+B2G
✅Other – B2C/B2B+B2G, IT
‼️Minimum prerequisites: MVP/sales/a team of 2-5

The track partner is also ready to invest in startups.
? More details and application here: https://ua.sectorx.city/tracks/saastech