[TechUkraine Hubs] Lviv IT Research 5.0

For five years in a row, Lviv ІТ Cluster and Fama – Custom Research Agency has been conducting an independent analytical study of the Lviv IT industry with the most up-to-date information on the industry development dynamics, its economic effect, and a portrait of an IT specialist in Lviv. This year IT Research 5.0 analyzed the impact of the pandemic-induced crisis on the Lviv IT sector also. Key highlights:
?Despite the pandemic, the number of companies in Lviv increased by 7%.
?There are 492 IT companies now, whereas, in 2019, the number equaled 461.
?Despite the unfavorable situation due to the pandemic-induced crisis, the number of IT specialists has been growing – 26-26.5 k, compared to 24 -25 k last year.

?Among the companies that took part in the survey, 100 % shifted to remote work mode in the first half of 2020, out of which 22% – partly and 78% – fully.
?The industry’s turnover exceeded the last year’s number, ranging from $ 816 to $ 832 million (in comparison, in 2019 the industry’s turnover ranged from $ 658 to $ 718 million).
?Portrait of IT specialist: The median age of IT specialists in Lviv in 2020 is 29
?The total Lviv industry tax revenue in 2019 amounted to UAH 1,567,416 million, exceeding the 2018’s number – UAH 1,329,191 million. 53.6% went to the local and 46.4% to the state budget.

More: https://itcluster.lviv.ua/en/projects/it-research/