New tech community initiative seeks to build closer ties between French companies and Ukraine’s booming IT industry

April 2020 saw the official launch of the French Tech Kyiv community in the Ukrainian capital with the aim of strengthening bilateral cooperation and attracting more French investors to Ukraine headed by Dominique Piotet, CEO at UNIT.City. La French Tech Kyiv is a non-profit initiative with French government backing that brings together a network of regional branches across France itself along with communities in almost 100 cities around the world.

Despite limited scope for physical meetings, the response from within the tech community has been enthusiastic, with over 50 companies joining La France Tech Kyiv during the first half-year.

Dominique Piotet identifies a number of sectors that might be of particular interest to French tech companies:
? the progress of Ukraine’s FinTech segment and the growth of online banking services in the country;
? the rapid evolution of technological solutions in the Ukrainian agricultural industry.
Dominique Piotet: “Ukraine needs a tech industry ecosystem that welcomes investments and is business-friendly,” he says. “We see a lot of Ukrainian startups that are primarily tech-focused, but they must also become more business-oriented in their approach. This is one of the areas where greater cooperation with the French tech sector can be helpful.”
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