[Opportunity] Ukrainian Startup Fund will hold 20th Pitch Day

Already this Friday, on January 15, Ukrainian Startup Fund will hold second anniversary Pitch Day, twentieth, where everyone can see what they are, the latest projects of ??Ukrainian startups, and what they offer to business in 2021. You can watch the live broadcast on the official YouTube channel: ➡️ youtube.com/watch?v=erXy9WLgMPM ⬅️,  Start at 14:00.

This time 13 teams will present their projects. Among them, there are 11 in the pre-seed stage, who are competing for a grant of $ 25,000 each: Native, obimy, Gremly, Checki, RichMe, ComeBack Mobility, Noplag Ukraine, MindSelf, LineBar, OSBB Online, Spexfy. The last two are unusual because for the first time on the pitch scene we will see the contestants of the international initiative Eureka Globalstars:

✅ EcoTyre – development of a complete system for monitoring waste management based on Earth observation. The service will include an AI artificial intelligence tool to detect illegal landfills on satellite images in large areas, as well as a tool to monitor environmental impact and landfill development over time to identify hazards and assess the minimization of its impact on the environment.
✅ Achieving sustainable living through end-to-end energy tracking on a blockchain – decentralized energy network that allows property owners to track, automate, and account for their energy sustainability goals, sell clean energy to their tenants, and operate carbon-neutral charging stations.
Ukrainian Startup Fund is constantly accepting new applications by startups at the pre-seed or seed-stage: https://usf.com.ua/. Well, it’s quite simple, really.