[TechUkraine news] Dealroom.co’s Deep Tech European Startup report

Dealroom.co’s Deep Tech European Startups report, in collaboration with Sifted, supported by the European Commission and European Parliament, shows that deep tech – including Artificial Intelligence, blockchain, robotics, and quantum technology – explores the next frontiers of innovation and Europe’s place in the deep tech race.

Key points:

?European deep tech companies are now worth a combined €700B and account for a quarter of all VC investment in Europe.

?The success of BioNTech demonstrates the importance of long-term R&D, but also the role of government and the need for stronger European capital markets.

?We looked at 1,700 qualified European startups that raised a seed round >€200K between 2010 and 2015 and closed the 2nd round of at least €4 million.

?Many of Europe’s top Deep Tech companies have their roots in academia and drew early support from government grants.
?Across Europe, 24% of startups with a seed round, make it to the next round. For deep tech, this is nearly 32%.
?With €10B annual investment, Deep Tech is a quarter of European venture capital.
?Finland, Norway, and Belgium have the highest relative concentration of Deep Tech in the EU-27. Germany (Munich & Berlin) and France (Paris) lead by absolute size.
?China’s government is making additional investments on a national level. For instance, it is reportedly spending $10 billion on a center devoted to quantum computing and artificial intelligence
?The interactive landscape of top universities including Oxford, Cambridge, ETH Zurich, TU Munich, Lund, Delft, Leuven, Aalto,
Eindhoven, and many others.


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