[TechUkraine news] Capital Times represents the Tech M&A report 2020

Capital Times represents the Tech M&A report 2020 that contains the results of the overview of M&A trends and activities in the IT sector with a special focus on IT services.

Report highlights:

✅M&A activity rebound. In the first half of 2020, M&A activity dropped drastically, because of the COVID-19 outbreak. Investors went through months of adaptation to the new way of doing transactions. The M&A market started to rebound by the end of 2020.

✅COVID-19 affected IT the least. IT sector has suffered least from COVID-19, compared to the rest of the market, as the demand for IT solutions increased when businesses went online.

✅M&A practice adapts. The market promptly adapted to the new way of doing business. M&A online became a new normal.

✅Capital markets are booming. The capital markets are well oversaturated with cash, especially the US market. Valuation of IT services companies is at all-time highest.
✅It`s the right time to consider M&A. Now it might be the right time for M&A activity in the IT industry. Capital Times is constantly receiving requests from strategic and financial investors that seek potential partners in Ukraine.
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