[TechUkraine interview] Ukrainian House on Clubhouse

Since the end of January, the audio and invite-only social media app Clubhouse became the hottest social app in the world and has turned its growth-hacking sights on the Ukrainian and European markets.

The first Ukrainian club on Clubhouse – Ukrainian House on Clubhouse was initiated by Vladyslav Greziev, Kateryna Mykhalko, Nick Bilogorskiy to engage in cultural diplomacy and connect Ukrainian early adopters of Clubhouse. The premier show of this club is the Ukrainian Show daily at 9 pm Kyiv time, where investors, CEOs, and leaders discuss technology, culture, and the future of Ukraine.

We talked to Vlad Greziev to find out why Clubhouse takes the world of mind by storm and why the new communication solution could be useful for Ukrainian tech entrepreneurs.

Read and discover:
?Who and why is moving forward the Ukrainian show on the buzzing Clubhouse platform?
?How does the Ukrainian tech entrepreneurs representing the country globally on Clubhouse?
?Which tone of voice does the Ukrainian show?
?The best speakers and the most fruitful discussions via Ukrainian show


Ukrainian House on Clubhouse