[Opportunity] Online course Fundraising from Home 2.0

TechUkraine Changemakers Kirill Mazur, CEO of Center42, has launched an online course Fundraising from Home 2.0 for investment literacy – lectures, chat with speakers and participants, home works, and feedback by experts (20 hours of theory and 20 hours of practice).

Duration: 8 weeks – from 10 of March to 29 of April 2021. For startupers, IT entrepreneurs, VC’s fund’s team members – join and discover:
➡️ types of investors
➡️ where and how to find out investors
➡️ the decision-making investment process of the VC funds
➡️ estimating and valuation of startups
➡️ legal and communication mistakes

More details and registration: https://center42.tech/vc-course/