Kharkiv is among 5 innovation hubs in CEE –

European media about tech featured Kharkiv as one of the most attractive destinations for tech hubs.

“Kharkiv is the second-largest city in Ukraine with a young, vibrant, and promising startup ecosystem that is largely overlooked by the global VC and tech community. The city is home to 500 tech product and service companies, over 31,000 IT specialists, and 3,000 young graduates from 18 technical universities joining the workforce every year. Kharkiv is the birthplace of GitLab, a side project of a Kharkiv citizen turning into a truly global business with a team of 1,300 based in 70 countries, and a $6 billion valuation. The founder of ClassTag that connects teachers and parents in 25,000 US schools has her roots in Kharkiv as well, while Scalarr, which has just raised a fresh funding round, is another promising company with unique mobile fraud detection technology and an established global customer base.”

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