[TechUkraine proud] Tree Ukrainian scientists, Vol…

[TechUkraine proud?] ??Tree Ukrainian scientists, Volodymyr Aushev, Yegor Aushev – founder of Cyber Unit Technologies, Olga Gogota took part in the ?TOTEM project by CERN that recently announced the discovery of the odderon – an elusive state of three fundamental particles called gluons that was predicted almost 50 years ago? ?TOTEM spokesperson Simone Giani of CERN: “This result probes the deepest features of the theory of quantum chromodynamics, notably that gluons interact between themselves and that an odd number of gluons are able to be “colourless”, thus shielding the strong interaction. A notable feature of this work is that the results are produced by combining the LHC and Tevatron data at different energies.” ?The project TOTEM collaboration at the LHC, together with the DØ collaboration at the Tevatron collider at Fermilab.