[TechUkraine news] Case of digitalization by DTEK, DroneUA and Flyability

Case of digitalization by DTEK: monitoring, testing, and implementing innovative products and solutions as an integral part of company strategy that strives to increase safety, efficiency, and environmental friendliness of our businesses.
?As a result of collaboration between Innovation DTEK, DTEK Energy and DroneUA, the protected drone Elios 2 manufactured by the Swiss company Flyability was successfully tested and put into operation.
?Elios 2 provides a visual and thermal imaging indoor inspection of confined spaces to identify potentially dangerous defects in technological equipment. This allows the company to completely eliminate the threat to human health and significantly reduce time for preparation and inspection.
?Recently, Interenergoservice specialists completed the course in piloting Elios 2 at Prydniprovska power plant and acquired the necessary knowledge and skills to conduct a safe and efficient inspection of DTEK industrial facilities.
Via Emanuele Volpe