[Opportunity] ELEKS Joins the BAD Conference to Unpack the Secrets of Psychology and UX Design

ELEKS Joins the BAD Conference to Unpack the Secrets of Psychology and UX Design

The world’s biggest online behavioural and design event — the BAD Conference — is set to take place on the 14th and 15th of April, 2021, bringing together thousands of UX professionals from across the globe for a virtual symposium.

The two-day event, run by Tech Circus, will feature dozens of leading researchers and psychologists from the world of user experience, discussing how businesses can implement behavioural psychology within their research and design approach. Aimed at researchers, strategists and designers with an interest in behavioural design and UX psychology, the BAD Conference will offer key insights on how to adopt a human-centred approach to product design.
ELEKS’ design experts will feature among the panel, which includes speakers from household brands including Facebook, Google and Microsoft. They’ll cover the value of comprehensive accessibility testing and how to manage the testing process to achieve the best possible UX. And they will also delve into overcoming stakeholder bias through behavioural psychology principles that help product designers achieve seamless collaboration with stakeholders.

Day one of the conference, Wednesday, April 14th, 7:00 PM — 8:00 PM GMT — will feature talks around accessibility testing from

  • ELEKS’ Senior Experience Designer, Yevhenii Shykiriavyi,
  • the Design Manager for ELEKS Germany, Slava Shestopalov,
  • Abid Virani, COO, and Samuel Proulx, Community Lead from Fable.
  • The panel will be hosted by Katya Korovkina, Design Manager from ELEKS UK

Day two, April 15th, 7:00 PM — 8:00 PM GMT — will see:

  • Mariia Hrabovska, an ELEKS Product Designer and the company’s Global Head of Product Design,
  • Oleg Slyusarchuk together with David Dylan Thomas, Author of Design for Cognitive Bias,
  • Dr. Jessica Cameron, Researched Lead at Lloyd Banking Group and Dr. Sara Hefny, UX Researcher from Microsoft will lead discussions around stakeholder bias.
  • The talk will be hosted by Uliana Bashchuk, an ELEKS Design Manager.
For a full itinerary and to secure tickets, visit the BAD Conference site: https://thebadconference.com/