[Opportunity] Adsider LIVE / Business of Publishers 2021 

On April 8, Adsider LIVE / Business of Publishers 2021 – a free conference on monetization for online publishers that will happen live on YouTube.

For whom
For everyone who creates and monetizes websites, works with ads and data on the publisher’s side

In 2022, publishers will face critical challenges:
  • phase-out of 3rd-party cookies in Google Chrome and other browsers;
  • reallocation of advertising budgets to mobile apps and large platforms that collect user data;
  • surge in privacy legislation, fading addressability on the web;
  • problem with user identification in different channels;
  • advertisers’ reluctance to buy ads against news coverage
The conference will host speakers from the media platforms (web, DOOH, CTV) from Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Moldova, who will talk about their businesses, monetization models, and technologies to boost the ad revenues.
The conference program includes three blocks:
  • Monetization 2.0: classic and non-standard approaches to monetization from media holdings and big media
  • Data and technologies: how to reinforce ad-supported monetization model with data
  • Strong connections: how advertisers and ad agencies work with content projects
The list of speakers includes
  • Vitalii Sych, НВ,
  • Ivan Shestakov, MEGOGO,
  • Ivan Fedorov, Admixer,
  • Alexandra Bulygina, Amnet Ukraine,
  • Pavel Voronyuk, TUT.BY, and others.
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