[Opportunity] Pitch Day #24 / Third Generation by Ukrainian Startup Fund

This Friday, on April 16, Ukrainian Startup Fund holds Pitch Day #24 / Third Generation – let’s see the latest projects by Ukrainian startups!

13 teams in the pre-seed stage will present their projects and compete for grants of $ 25,000 each. So who are they?

? Bank of Memories – a service for storing and transmitting digital data, family archives, and memories to future generations using blockchain (Kyiv).
? Librarius – a mobile app that allows for purchase, rental, and free reading in electronic and audio formats (Kyiv).
? Supplio.io – an automated restocking platform for the cosmetics suppliers that integrates them with their clients (beauty salons, pharmacies, shops), providing automatic order management based on actual clients’ stocks and product usage (Kyiv).
? Auto BI – an innovative system designed for Automotive and related areas that will help to configure the processes for optimal fleet managing (Kyiv, Lviv).
? Horos.TECH – a business intelligence platform for risk management and the yield increasing for agribusiness with machine learning. The platform provides strict information on plant population and the presence of the weeds based on high-precision drone imaging using its own neural networks and data collection optimization algorithm (Kyiv).
? ENERGY COMPLEX: DEVELOPMENT AND EXPLOITATION – an enterprise that aims to comprehensively address the issue of waste management from sorting to complete disposal of all residues of household waste, the basis of which is energy gasification of waste (Kalush).
? Drivers Help – Roadside Assist‬. A service platform for support and assistance on the road 24/7 with one button. At the touch of a button, the driver will be able to get support and assistance from drivers and partner services (Odessa).
? GeronCore — a living heart. A new generation of cardiac implants for kids with CHD (Kyiv).
? Finanz AI – SaaS that automates startup finance, replaces the financial officers, and SAVE 5-10X time and money (Kyiv).
? Artera – a gadget that can draw in any color (Kyiv).
? Erudito – a mobile application, that allows children to learn school subjects in the game format and gain knowledge for modern professions (Kharkiv).
? Ademrius – a web platform that allows the automation of the work of medical institutions through the implementation of online medical appointments and electronic patient history (Lviv).
? Safe comfortable electric tricycle – an electric light vehicle the size of a motorcycle and with the comfort of a car in a closed frame body for travel in cities with heavy congestion and little parking space (Kyiv).
Ukrainian Startup Fund is constantly accepting new applications – get a grant for your business!

Watch the live broadcast on the official YouTube channel – starts at 14:00