[TechUkraine news] MacPaw announced opening the public Apple Museum in Kyiv

Today, on International Museum Day, MacPaw announced opening the public Apple Museum (now in progress) in MacPaw Space, Kyiv with the big mission to befriend humans and technology. The collection includes 323 exhibits, including Apple’s iconic products, such as the first portable Macintosh, 128k model signed by Wozniak, Apple’s first digital cameras QuickTake, the Twentieth Anniversary Mac (TAM), and fascinating stories about Apple’s behind the scenes.

Also, Museum will be represented in digital format, allowing to explore the great history of Apple from any corner of the world.

Oleksandr Kosovan, CEO & Founder of MacPaw: “When we acquired our first Mac collection, we couldn’t make it accessible to the public, while the requests for the office exhibition tours were increasing all the time. We were working hard to make this idea come true and now we are ready to announce that the museum will be open publicly soon.”