[TechUkraine&GIZ – UAcreativeindustries] Discover Ukraine with 3D souvenirs by Pocket City AR

How to invite your vis-a-vis to the trip, catch moments from the voyage, present the emotions and impressions of the journey via tech solution?

Meet Pocket City AR – Lviv-based project aimed at promoting domestic tourism and saving the architecture in the Ukrainian regions using immersive technologies.

With the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation, tech team Skeiron created 3D models of architectural monuments all over Ukraine in augmented reality, which can be seen in AR (augmented reality) using only a smartphone and branded postcards.

All digital models were created using laser scanning and photogrammetry. Thanks to the accuracy of the models, it is possible to measure the elements of the structure and use them to make restoration and measurement drawings. In addition, they can be used as a material for the digital reconstruction of buildings at all stages of design.

Pocket сity AR is unforgettable souvenirs from Ukraine representing the best sightseeings of the top destinations creating the card sets:
  • Ukraine – 25 objects from every region of Ukraine;
  • Kyiv, Kharkiv, Chortkiv – 5 objects for each;
  • Lviv – 2 sets with 8 objects for each.

To see the sights, you should just click “Start” and point the camera at the branded postcard – an AR building will appear in front of you on the screen. The user can also listen to a short story about the monument in Ukrainian and English.
Explore Ukrainian cultural treasures and surprise your friends via new approaches and tech solutions!