[TechUkraine news] 24.06 Climate Innovation Networking

Networking opportunities for Ukrainian and Belarussian cleantech entrepreneurs!
On June 24, join Climate Innovation Networking organized by greencubator and CIVITTA within the Climate Innovation Vouchers grant project. Ukrainian and Belarussian climate innovations experts, innovation creators, and companies that help develop and integrate climate technologies will be at the event.

Visit the event and find out about:

  • Additional opportunities for the Voucher winners from global companies (Amazon, Notion, HubSpot) and local partners.
  • Service providers from Ukraine and Belarus and will meet them during speed dating.
  • The state and development of “green” engineering.
  • Success stories from the Vouchers winners.

Open fresh opportunities and find new partners here.
Registration is required at the link: https://networking.climate.biz/