[Techukraine news] Ukraine is ranked 43th at Global Fintech Index 2020

findexable in partnership with StartupBlink and Crunchbase launched the Global Fintech Index 2020 – the world’s first real-time ranking of fintech ecosystems and fintech companies globally covering 230+ cities across 65 countries.

According to the report, Ukraine is ranked 43th globally, Kyiv is 26th in Europe (77 globally).


  • San Francisco Bay, London and New-York are Top global financial centres;
  • Fintech’s Top 10 – USA, UK, Singapore, Lithuania, Switzerland, Netherlands, Sweden, Auatralia, Canada, Estonia;
  • 8 of the world’s 20 most important financial centres do not feature in the world‘s 20 biggest fintech hubs;
  • And of the world’s top 100 leading fintech cities, almost half are in emerging markets.
  • China might be the big story. But the USA and the Americas still top the country and region rankings: fintech hubs in the USA 101, Europe – 78, Asia-Pacific – 38, MENA – 9

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