[TechUkraine news] Daxx presented the report “Software Development in CEE 2021”

Daxx presented the report “Software Development in CEE: Closing the Tech Gap for Western Europe and the USA” that introduce how each CEE country (Ukraine, Belarus, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia) and the region as a whole contribute to the value of Europe as a tech frontrunner and foster Europe’s competitive advantage on the global tech scene.

Key findings:

  • The software developer talent shortage in Europe has reached a drastic level — 670K tech professionals are lacking in the region as of 2021. And overall 87% of global companies report facing skill gap challenges.
  • For the time being, the CEE region boasts 12 $1B unicorns (out of Europe’s 208) with a combined value of €31B.
  • Grammarly, Infobip, Brainly, GitLab — these are just a few of the world-known ventures that originated in CEE.
  • The CEE region is a highly-developed digital infrastructure club undergoing constant improvements. For example, 5G covers 92% of the populated area and 47% are covered with fibreoptic broadband.
  • Ukraine, Poland, Serbia, Bulgaria, and other CEE countries are listed in the Global Innovation Index 2020 by WIPO, paving the way for digital innovation in emerging technologies across industries and services in the mentioned countries.
  • Ukraine and Poland are the top two best-performing countries of the region in the International Mathematical Olympiad.
  • Average Software Developer Rates in CEE: Ukraine $30 – $60 (200K tech specialists), Poland $45 – $69 (400K)
  • Ukraine is home to more than 110 R&D centers for global tech giants including Microsoft, Samsung Electronics, Apple, Skype, IBM, Boeing, Ericsson, Siemens, Oracle, Magento, Wargaming, and Ubisoft just to name a few.
Konstantin Vasyuk, Executive Director at IТ Ukraine Association : “To date, our key advantage is a high density of tech talents with 6-10 years of experience in the IT industry which makes us fast in jumpstarting new and scaling up existing IT projects.”
Yuliya Sychikova, Director at AVentures Capital : “2020 was a record year for Ukrainian IT sector by total investment volume and M&A deals number across product and IT services industries…y. Solid traction in market niches with great potential entices top tier funds to invest tens of millions in companies like Creatio, Restream, Airslate, People.ai, Grammarly among others… Nearly 30 deals happened in the region in 2020 – a testament to the region’s attractiveness despite the pandemic year”