[TechUkraine news] Trends in IT industry development by IТ Ukraine Association

Vitaly Sedler, President of the IТ Ukraine Association, CEO at Intellias, shared key theses in the context of the main trends in the development of the IT industry in the first half of 2021. Highlights:

  • Global trends in the development of the IT market and technologies: global digitalization of business; New areas and directions in IT – MLOps specialists, by analogy with DevOps and DataOps experts; cybersecurity.
  • Ukrainian companies fully recovered from the crisis and began to show record growth rates. Several Ukrainian companies have already crossed the 10,000 mark (EPAM, SoftServe)
  • currently Ukrainian IT companies are actively hiring IT specialists in Poland, Intellias has started hiring specialists from Belarus, Azerbaijan, and Georgia.
  • The biggest challenges of the Ukrainian IT industry: lack of qualified specialists; transformation the education system by join efforts of government, business, and educational institutions;
  • Diia City is very important to maintain the growth rate of the industry; waiting for the vote on the tax law №5376