[TechUkraine news] Europe has created 37 startups that reached decacorn status

Europe has created 37 startups that have now reached decacorn status, or a $10 billion valuation, and they’re multiplying fast.

  • The UK is third in the world for decacorn creation after the US (134) and China (36), with 15, but eight of these have come from the first 6.5 months of 2021 alone.
  • Germany has produced seven in total, while Sweden has five. Add in the five in Israel and EMEA’s tally comes to 42, or 13% of all the region’s unicorns.
  • Of the EMEA decacorn backers, Index Ventures (who last week announced $2.9B in fresh funds) have backed 10 of them, more than any other investor.
  • There are 65 cities in Europe with at least one unicorn.

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