Interview with Dominique Piotet, CEO of UNIT.City, about U Tomorrow Summit

The international innovation event U Tomorrow Summit (UTS) will be held on September 3-4 at UNIT.City and bring together 1,000+ guests, 100+ speakers from 15 countries, and 25+ themed tracks. Google, BlablaCar, UFuture, Rozetka, Petcube, Rocket, Avalon,, Mastercard are just some of the companies that will share their experiences with Ukrainian business.

We talked to Dominique Piotet, CEO of Unit City, about U Tomorrow Summit, asked about the format of event which could become the next Web Summit in Ukraine!


TechUkraine: How could you pitch the idea and ambition of the UTS in 1 min?

Dominique: The creative and tech potential of the Eastern European region is enormous. We have talents and startups, great technologies, entrepreneurs, and innovative companies. It’s time to give them a voice and learn their solutions to global challenges. 

U Tomorrow Summit is:

  • 2 days offline event
  • in Kyiv in UNIT.City
  • more than 20 tracks
  • more than 100 speakers
  • 1,000+ participants from all over the world
  • plenty of networking events
  • a big question to solve: what is our tomorrow?

TechUkraine: What’s the biggest challenge we face nowadays? What solution can provide Eastern Europe and Ukraine in particular?

Dominique: We clearly see that no country was spared from the COVID-19 pandemic. And healthcare issues will be on the international agenda for the next decades. Climate change from year to year brings more and more natural disasters. Plus the never ending economic crisis affecting different countries. These challenges persist in the future. But they boost the development of new technologies. Many of those are designed in Eastern Europe. Here in Ukraine I meet very interesting med-tech, green tech, fintech startups offering truly disruptive solutions. I see a lot of talented people ready to build a better and sustainable future.

TechUkraine: You said that Eastern Europe and its tech sector are mostly terra incognita for Western countries, investors, corporations, startups. How could UTS help to undercover the potential of the region?

Dominique: More than 1,000 offline participants from all over the world are expected to visit the U Tomorrow Summit in Kyiv in UNIT.City. We will organize plenty of networking activities, startup alley with expozone, and startup pitching events in order to introduce the potential of the local startup ecosystem to international investors. The fact that the summit takes place in the largest innovation park of Eastern Europe also will help to dispel any doubts regarding the opportunities of the region.

TechUkraine: What’s different between UTS and other Ukrainian tech events like IT Arena, IForum?

Dominique: U Tomorrow Summit is being organized by the teams of Kyiv International Economic Forum and UNIT.City. Together we have a unique expertise in engaging worldwide-known speakers, creating diverse agenda with top-level and meaningful discussions and arranging activities and places for effective networking. And it’s in UNIT.City: the place where ideas come to life! 

TechUkraine: Why does UNIT.City set up such diverse topics, gather various top speakers, and create over 20 panels?

Dominique: Because we have a lot of things to discuss and a lot of challenges to solve together. Today tech is not only about tech. Today IT is a part of any industry and of any business. Everything is interconnected. You may be amazed how much healthcare issues of climate change problems affect cybersecurity, and vice versa.

TechUkraine: Who is the event’s audience, and why do they have to come to Kyiv on the 3-4 of September?

Dominique: The event is designed for entrepreneurs, innovative companies, investors who are eager to discover, meet, understand and question brand new solutions to global challenges and for those who are looking for new opportunities of scaling up business and want to identify global trends.

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