[TechUkraine proud] DELFAST DNEPR electric motocycle sets a new record at BONNEVILLE SPEED WEEK 2021

Ukrainian e-bikes company Delfast has set an electric speed record at Bonneville Speed Week 2021, the USA. This feat was achieved with an electric version of a DNEPR motorcycle – Delfast Dnepr Electric.
Delfast Dnepr Electric prototype broke the speed record among A-OMEGA class motorcycles, showing a result of 107,217 miles per hour – this is three miles more than the previous record set by Serhiy Malik in 2018, reaching a speed of 104 miles per hour.
  • Previously, Business Insider named the model Top 3.0 from Delfast as the best all-terrain electric bike in the world.
  • Also, Delfast continues launching local e-bike manufacture and R&D center on the basis of ELMIZ factory in Kyiv.
Ukrainian electric motorcycle Delfast Dnepr Electric set a speed record at Bonneville Speed ​​Week 2021