[TechUkraine news] U Tomorrow Summit: Corporations & startups

Corporations & startups – a new trend of cooperation and synergy
Global corporations cooperate with startups more and more every year. adidas, Barclays UK, Shell, Agro Bayer, Nestlé, AstraZeneca, and many others already have their own accelerators, corporate venture funds engaged in internal investments and programs and are confidently adapting to the new market conditions.
But why would global corporations invest in startups?
  • Start-ups can benefit from corporate funding, resources, and customer access, while corporations need to innovate to stay ahead of competitors, and also access new technology.
  • Start-ups may be looking to get access to the corporate partner’s markets or to turn the partner into a customer. They are often interested in the corporate’s data on customers and the industry or in its development resources and capabilities, both technical and in terms of financing functions.
  • On the corporate side, faster innovation is a leading reason. Access to top talent is also a frequent rationale. And, of course, there is the potential return on investment.
  • Corporations working in energy, pharmaceuticals, retail, banking, and finance are constantly changing and require new solutions and models to be competitive and agile. In their turn, startups offer these solutions and are incredibly important for global corporations seeking to maintain their position in the market.
Already this Friday will start the international innovation event U Tomorrow Summit that will bring together 1,000+ guests, 100+ speakers from 15 countries, and 25+ themed tracks.
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