Ukrainian IT experts established VC SID Venture Partners fund for IT geeks

On December, 7th, there was an official opening of SID Venture Partners — the first unique Ukrainian high-technology venture capital firm established by IT experts for IT geeks, focusing on investments into early-stage technology startups to fund the future.

The Fund is managed by TOP-representatives of the Ukrainian IT industry, and the concept is to combine the efforts of three successful companies — Sigma Software Group (S), IdeaSoft (I) and Datrics.AI (D), and to create service and product business synergy. Experienced entrepreneurs from С and NEAR, as well as other leaders of the IT market, will also be involved in scaling the portfolio companies.

 Main development principles are the following:

  • synergy of GPs expertise in different industries
  • personal full-cycle GP’s lead of each investment
  • industry agnostic, though we do prefer some spaces more than others: deeptech, b2b, blockchain, fintech, automotive
  •  strong opportunities for raising money and scaling business through worldwide network of 200+ service business customers in 10 countries
  •  forming team only with representatives of the IT industry who fill the Fund with technical expertise and market connections
  •  ticket size from $ 5,000 to create a bright new direction of smart investing with the opportunity to participate in the Fund’s activities and influence the development of startups and local products

Investment team:

  • Dmitry Vartanian (co-founder at Sigma Software and, 17+ years CFO in IT, certified lawyer, manages 14 companies in 9 jurisdictions)
  • Valery Krasovsky (CEO and co-founder at Sigma Software, co-founder of, co-head at EBA IT Committee, co-founder at Sigma Software Labs, Board Member at Ideasoft, KhNURE
  • Andrey Lazorenko (CEO and co-founder at Ideasoft, Board Member and co-founder at Global Ledger Protocol)
  • Anton Vaisburd (CEO and Co-Founder Datrics, backed by YC, partner at blockchain and fintech company 4ire, co-founder of “Fizmatik” school, former IB at Barclays)
  • Illia Polosukhin (co-founder of NEAR Protocol with $6B market cap, ex-researcher and engineering manager at Google Research)
  • Peter Kolomiets (CBDO & co-founder at Ideasoft, CFO & co-founder at Global Ledger with 10+ years of experience in managing teams of 100+ people, founder and ex-CEO at Digital Marketing Agency “Marketers”)
  • Kirill Kirikov (CTO and co-founder Datrics, backed by YC, Partner & co-founder, ex-CTO at blockchain and fintech company 4ire)
  • Alexey Stoletny (Managing Director at Sigma Software US, co-founder and CTO at MSc in Computer Science, Inventor on 4 issued U.S. Patents)
  • Veronica Korzh (co-founder of WOD Insight, general partner at Sigma Software Labs)
  • Volodymyr Bek (Board Member and co-founder at Sigma Software, Chairman of European Business Association IT Committee)
  • Volodymyr Chyrva (co-founder and Managing Partner at Sigma Software, co-founder at Lviv Tech Angels)
The official launch took place in the format of two panel discussions, and the special guest of the official opening was the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine — Mykhailo Fedorov.
  1. During the first panel discussion, the Fund’s partners highlighted the prerequisites for the SID Venture Partners establishment, in particular, they analyzed the state of venture financing in Ukraine. The partners shared their own experience of successful projects, which were implemented together with other GPs SID Venture Partners even before the official launch of the company, and also formed the main investment focus of the fund. The current dynamics in the selected areas determines the projected growth of companies’ evaluations in these industries, and as a result — minimal risk for potential investors.
  2. The second panel discussion was devoted to unicorn formation secrets with comments of the promising Ukrainian startups founders.

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