Ukrainian Tech Ecosystem Achievements 2021: MacPaw

This was a defining year for Ukrainian tech, plenty of memorable moments: GitLab’s IPO, Grammarly became decacorn, 252 000 tech specialists in Ukraine, new VCs, media, tech educational institutions, global tech moguls hatched audacious deals.

TechUkraine initiated the project “Ukrainian Tech Ecosystem Achievements 2021,” where we share the stories of the prominent stakeholders of the sphere – tech giants, startups, clusters, funds, media, accelerators, celebrating the success of the year and discovering what lies ahead in 2022 and beyond.

Let’s deep dive into some of the most significant achievements-making developments of the year!


What are the key achievements of 2021 (Top 3)?

  • In 2021, MacPaw continued to work on the improvement of company products. In making MacPaw apps as convenient and useful for users as possible, MacPaw released an updated version of CleanMyMac X – with a new design and native support for the Apple M1 processor, which became the largest visual update of the app since 2018. Meanwhile, Setapp welcomed 35 new apps for more productive work, bringing the total number of tools to over 230. 
  • This year, MacPaw received a few renowned international awards. The new design of CleanMyMac X was honored with the international UX Design Award and Red Dot Award: Brands & Communication Design for functionality and user-friendly application design. Setapp got its own Bronze Cannes Lion in the video advertising category for the ‘Snake,’ commercial created with the Droga5 agency. 
  • Last but not least, the MacPaw team brought over 30 local and global social projects to life. Among them is one where the company provided a Wi-Fi antenna for the Antarctic Vernadsky Research Base. The equipment has toured half the world, and now it’s finally in Antarctica. After the antenna had been installed, the Internet connection speed at the station increased 8 times.

Which challenges were the most impactful during the year?  

In 2021, MacPaw announced the intention to open MacPaw Space, a new creative and innovative space in Kyiv from MacPaw with a museum full of inspiring Apple legacy as a part of it. However, for obvious reasons, the company postponed the official opening. Even though the big day of MacPaw Space and the museum is still ahead, significant for Ukraine events have already taken place at MacPaw Space, including the Unicef ​​event about climate change and new generation, the Dostupno UA event dedicated to new inclusive projects in Ukraine, TEDxKyiv, and many more. Bringing change to Ukraine is one of the main goals for MacPaw Space.

How will Ukrainian tech be developing? Approach, projections and perspectives for 2022?

  • While security threats have been expanding, cybersecurity improvement will be among the main focuses and trends for companies worldwide, including Ukraine.
  • Businesses owe it to employees and customers to enhance data privacy and keep their data unharmed. MacPaw takes immense care to protect customers’ data by conducting third-party vendor security assessments, regular penetration testing, data encryption at rest and during transmissions, restricted access control to customer data, and more.
  • The global data privacy measures will make companies to shift their marketing strategies towards building brand trust and focusing on the human-first experience at all levels.

About MacPaw

MacPaw is a software company that develops and distributes software for macOS, iOS, Windows, and Android. Today, MacPaw has more than 10 products, including CleanMyMac X, Setapp, Gemini Photos, and ClearVPN, with over 30 million users worldwide.

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