[#IstayInUkraine] Andreas Flodström, founder and CEO of Beetroot: “There is absolutely no panic here, daily life goes on”

Swedish Andreas Flodström, founder and CEO of Beetroot, posted on social media: 

“I get asked more and more often why I stay in Ukraine. Friends, Family, and lately Swedish media. People are worried, I understand that, and appreciate it. However, there is not one, but many answers to why I stay.
Ukraine has been my home since 2012, a decision I never regretted. It’s always been a pleasure to follow, and be a tiny part in how this unique and great country is developing. During these almost 10 years, I have been lucky to be surrounded by wonderful people, always, and I have a feeling that we are doing smth with meaning together.
There is absolutely no panic here, daily life goes on, restaurants are full, and you still might need to stand in a traffic jam to get to work. It doesn’t mean that we are naive, or that there is no worry whatsoever, there is tension, for sure. But it means that after 8 years of war and various kinds of pressure, Ukrainians are resilient and refuse to feel hostage in their own country.
We need to remember that Ukraine is the largest country with borders within Europe, it’s a country that as late as 2014 had a revolution of dignity, and has shown again and again that it’s built on the ideas of universal democratic freedom. It’s not a place where you roll in with your tanks just like that, the army is stronger, the economy is stronger, and most importantly the population is more united than ever for a strong Independent Ukraine.
Happy Unity Day Ukraine!
Все буде добре.”