[TechUkraine new] The founder of Firefly Aerospace Max Polyakov steps down

The founder of Firefly Aerospace and Noosphera Ventures Ukrainian Max Polyakov steps down:
“I am giving up for 1 usd consideration all my 58% stake in Firefly to my co-founder and partner Tom. Dear CFIUS, Air Force and 23 agencies of USA who betrayed me and judge me in all your actions for past 15 months . I hope now you are happy . History will judge all of you guys. Max love Ukraine and yes I have Ukrainian passport and I am Founder of Firefly !!! Bye my “bird” and at the end of the days I proud what I done for my Land soul and heritage !!!”
  • Firefly is developing a family of launch and in-space vehicles and services that provide industry-leading affordability, convenience, and reliability.
  • Polyakov is the first Ukrainian who built and delivered a new rocket to the launch pad in independent Ukraine’s 30-year history.
  • Based in American Texas, Firefly has a research and development center in Ukrainian Dnipro, employing 59 of the company’s 475 specialists.