Ukraine is home to many amazing tech companies

To all my international friends!

Ukraine  is home to many amazing companies that create phenomenal products, apps, and services. The best way to support these companies would be to buy their products.

Here’s a list of products and companies I like and recommend (most of them have presence worldwide and offices not only in Ukraine):

  • Readdle – great productivity apps for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. I am biased here, but we create some of the most useful tools for your Apple devices. Almost 200 million people downloaded our apps such as Spark email, PDF Expert, Documents, Calendars, and Scanner Pro.
  • Ajax Systems – one of the leading hardware security companies that produce world-class products for your house to be safe. Aleksandr Konotopskyi and the team is leading the charge.
  • Grammarly – used and loved by many, AI-driven product that helps you write better. It’s an amazing service used by millions of people. As a business, they have raised capital from the world’s leading investors at a $13 billion valuation.
  • Reface – a popular entertainment app that uses AI to insert you into clips and fun videos. Funded by a16z and rushing to reinvent the entertainment industry. Dima Shvets, Den Dmitrenko Sergey Tokarev, and a great team are on a mission and I have zero doubts about their further success!
  • Petcube –  a smart pet camera. A great product that Yaroslav Azhnyuk and the team have created over the years.
  • – a revenue intelligence platform for the enterprise. Oleg Rogynskyy and the team have scaled very rapidly into a multi-billion $ company and I can’t wait to see what’s next.
  • MacPaw – amazing apps that improve your every day. I personally use CleanMyMac and I love what Oleksandr Kosovan and the team are doing! There’s so much craftsmanship and quality in their products! Check them out.
  • Preply – online marketplace for tutors to study languages. I have a lot of friends who are learning English using Preply. They’ve scaled and raised, I’m sure that Kirill Bigai and the team will continue growing worldwide presence, and providing an amazing service.

Please feel free to add other amazing Ukrainian companies that sell their products worldwide. I’ve listed technology startups, but I also know that Ukraine has so much talent in other industries such as fashion, creativity, design, production, grain, etc.

Denys Zhadanov, Cofounder & Board Member at Readdle
Photo credit by Ukraine UA & Depositphotos
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