Silicon Canals: Ukrainian people are getting help and support on Airbnb as the platform waves its charges

At a time when Ukrainians are fleeing their own country, people are booking Airbnb properties in Ukraine with no intention of visiting the war-torn country.
  • Thousands of people are using this method as a unique way to help the people of Ukraine.
  • The idea of booking Airbnb properties in Ukraine has gained momentum since this allows people to send money directly to Ukrainians who are in need of financial assistance.
  • This method of sending money via Airbnb gained popularity after a Twitter user shared it on the microblogging platform as a way to send immediate monetary assistance.
  • Since the tweet went viral, hundreds of thousands of people are flocking to Airbnb to book properties in Ukraine. These people are doing their bookings while knowing fully well that they won’t be able to visit the country due to the war. This one Twitter message is also showing how the micro-blogging platform can do good even in the worst times.
  • In a tweet, Brian Chesky, CEO of Airbnb, revealed that more than 61,000 nights were booked on Airbnb from people across the world between March 2 and March 3. Chesky also added that these bookings translate to $1.9M in earnings for the hosts in need. In addition, Airbnb is also waiving all its service fees so the entire booking money goes directly to Ukrainians hosts on the platform.

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Support Ukraine!
  • Come Back Alive is one of the largest charitable foundations that supports Ukrainian soldiers, founded by the IT specialist Vitaliy Deynega. The organization collected more than 210 million UAH (more than $7M) in 2014. According to Na chasi, the Patreon page Come Back Alive is in the top ten projects by the number of financial donations.
  • Army SOS, which develops drones;
  • Everybody Can, an organization that supports internally displaced people;
  • Help on the Ministry of Defense website.