How the war impacted tech job market in Ukraine?

Ukrainian tech market during the war by Djinni analytics IT industry is in better shape than we could have hoped.

  • The job market fell by 50%
    – There are 12,000 jobs active, compared to 28,000 at the end of January,
    – We expect this number to climb back to 15,000-18,000 in the next week or two as companies continue to adjust their hiring processes and set up new locations.
  • Candidates are more receptive to new opportunities (since there are fewer of them)
  • Poll: 12% relocated to Poland or elsewhere
    – The majority (42%) responded “won’t leave regardless” – people feel they can be more useful here and/or want to defend their country.
  • Jobs with relocation are up 5x – 10: There are now about 1200 jobs out of 12,000 that require relocation. The most popular destination is Poland, 75% of all listings with relocation.
  • Top of the market crashed, median salaries are steady
  • The market is recovering fast–will it last?
– The biggest companies try to shift their hiring to neighboring countries like Hungary or Poland. Others continue hiring in Ukraine, albeit at a much slower pace. Amazingly, there were no significant layoffs. According to a survey at DOU, 85-90% of employees are “back at work.”
– The key marketplaces metrics, like jobs posted or contacts made, are raising 20-30% per week. So far it looks promising and we’ll know more in a few weeks.
  1. IT exports are one of the least affected industries that will bring much-needed export revenue to Ukraine. Pandemic also helped, by teaching everyone remote can and does work.
  2. We’re incredibly grateful to our customers and partners in Europe and US/Canada who were very accommodating during this time and trusted companies to fulfill their obligations.