The Wall Street Journal: Ukraine Tech Startups Pivot From Software Code to Rescue Plans

In an escalating war, business leaders responsible for large Ukrainian workforces have become evacuation coordinators, military strategists, providers of humanitarian aid and, in some cases, financiers of the Ukrainian army.

  • Startups like StarWind Inc., Anton Kolomyeytsev, are using their tech savvy, dispersed workforces and relative agility as smaller and privately held companies to help mitigate the business trauma and human catastrophe of war.
  • Ukrainian startup 🇺🇦, an online marketplace for software engineers to find jobs, is giving all of the company’s profits to the army at the end of each month—around $124,000 so far—and donating to organizations purchasing drones for the army, said CEO Aleksandr Volodarsky.
  • When employees at software company Inc. decided to enlist, their co-workers raised more than $30,000 to buy the army sleeping bags and mats, ham radios and other communications hardware, said CEO Oleg Rogynskyy, a Ukrainian native who has lived in Silicon Valley for almost a decade.

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