Emerging Europe: A month on from Russia’s invasion, Ukraine’s remarkable IT sector thrives

Ukraine’s IT sector has had to adapt to the realities of war but continues to operate at almost full capacity despite the extraordinary conditions: a sign of its, and Ukraine’s, resilience.

A stable source of foreign exchange earnings, the sector is also helping to ensure the digital security of the Ukrainian state: five per cent of IT workers have signed up for Ukraine’s cyber force, with an additional two per cent (mainly those with pervious military experience) have joined the armed forces.
Konstantin Vasyuk, executive director of the IТ Ukraine Association: “Just within the first 10 days of the war Ukrainian IT companies managed to pay 6.3 million US dollars in tax in advance. This contributes to us winning the war as we finance the army, who are on duty, protecting Ukrainians, and giving Ukrainian business an opportunity to continue working and developing the industry.”
Valery Krasovsky, the CEO and co-founder of Sigma Software Group: “Our company has made an incredible effort to relocate more than 2,800 people to work for the good of the country and help our defenders. Today, 95 per cent of our employees are working as usual.”
Jan Webering, CEO of Avenga: “Our goal is not only to keep business stable but to continue growing it. And it’s working: in the weeks since the war started, we have hired more than 20 people in Ukraine alone,”
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Ukrainian entrepreneurs donate to the military-1
Support Ukraine!
  • Come Back Alive is one of the largest charitable foundations that supports Ukrainian soldiers, founded by the IT specialist Vitaliy Deynega. The organization collected more than 210 million UAH (more than $7M) in 2014. According to Na chasi, the Patreon page Come Back Alive is in the top ten projects by the number of financial donations.
  • Army SOS, which develops drones;
  • Everybody Can, an organization that supports internally displaced people;
  • Help on the Ministry of Defense website.