Jean-Christophe Bonis: “TEAM4UA leads EU efforts to deliver humanitarian aid to Ukraine”

In December 2021, I met french AI expert and futurist Jean-Christophe Bonis in Kyiv and one of his thoughts was: “You are the engine for yourself in something that touches you, and this energy creates a move, and as the results – the opportunities.” It was symbolic words.

Just after russia invaded Ukraine on 24th of February, tech entrepreneur, TED speaker, an influential member of the French Tech Jean-Christophe initiated the humanitarian project TEAM4UA to help Ukrainian refugees in Poland.

Team4UA is a humanitarian civile initiative established in Poland and dedicated to the Ukrainian crisis. Supported by Frédéric Petit, French Deputy abroad and the UFE (Union of French Abroad), a coordination cell has been activated since the 4th of March 2022 to answer the urgency of the situation in the field, in liaison with the relevant authorities.


By now, Team4UA is made up of more than two hundred fifty volunteers and draws a multicultural and multilingual team – French, English, Italian, Polish, Ukrainian and Russian – on a broad range of skills and expertise. The Foundation – registered this week in Poland – will be active next week, in partnership with other international foundations with the purpose of financing this program.


The scope of this cell is to answer humanitarian needs through the coordination of French citizens’ initiatives on the field in Poland in order to gain precious time, and thereby concentrate humanitarian needs making the operators safe.

Coming from the world of technology and member of European Collective named Ensemble Ukraine, the founders share the ambition of scaling start-up methods in order to provide step by step 1 000 pallets per day of humanitarian help in Ukraine and facilitate transit for refugees throughout Europe in close collaboration with Furthermore, there is a platform for refugees in transit which could support up to 25 000 refugees by day, already operative in Warsaw, in partnership with PTAK Warsaw Expo.


By now, Team4UA coordinates a lot of initiatives. These actions build up in 2 key priorities:

● Ukraine > France/Europe

  1. Facilitate the reception and transfer of refugees to France.
  2. Match the daily transport capacities that we put in place (buses and humanitarian
    convoys) with the reception capacities in Europe…

● France/Europe > Ukraine

  1. Ensure coordination and humanitarian convoys from France and all over Europe
    in Ukraine on the strength of 10 logistic platforms in Poland and 12 regional
    platforms in France.
  2. Matching of field needs in Ukraine with international aid.

Jean-Christophe Bonis, initiator:

Many of my professional trips were in Eastern Europe and I stopped in Ukraine every 2 months for 10 years. I have met wonderful, brilliant, generous and resourceful people there. Here in Poland, we are all surrounded by Ukrainian friends or friends of friends. By being close to Ukraine, our emotions are multiplied and our first desire is to help. This resilience of the Ukrainian people is admirable.”


Lina Khaouani, communication

“Team4UA was born from the idea of creating an initiative to quickly help the Ukrainian people with the tools we have in the world of technology. Ukrainians are very connected, we can really help them through these tools. Very quickly volunteers joined the team, we share the same values and the same vision no matter where we come from. You will soon be able to find testimonials of our volunteers and their actions for TEAM4UA on our website.”

Visit Team4UA

TELEPHONE: +48 22 269 0000
WHATSAPP/SIGNAL: +48 501 537 765


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