War in Ukraine: Pulse of Cyber Defense (April 19, 2022)


The State Service of Special Communication and Information Protection of Ukraine: War in Ukraine: Pulse of Cyber Defense – Weekly analytics, April 19, 2022


The largest since World War II, war on the European continent continues not only on the land and in the air, but also in cyberspace. The State Service of Special Communication and Information Protection of Ukraine is responsible for the standards of cybersecurity in the country and takes an active part in its defense. The lessons of this war are extremely important for enhancing the protection of democratic states attacked by aggressive countries like russia.

In this regard, the SSSCIP initiates making available a public analytical report on the state and means of cyber defense. The SSSCIP CyberHub will make public its data and conclusions that may be used by the global cyber community for their own defense.

Q1 results on the cyber frontline: the number of attacks increased 2.5 times against the last year, the main focus of hackers was authorities, the security and defense sector.


  • Q1 results on the cyber frontline: areas of attacks during the war have been the same as a year ago. The activity increased 2.5 times.
  • Statistics of cyberattacks on state information resources and facilities of Ukraine’s critical information infrastructure for Q1 2022.
  • Five groups that have waged the largest number of cyberattacks on Ukraine.
  • New faces on the cyber front.
  • Cyberattacks on oblenergos: technical details and lessons learned on cybersecurity of the energy sector in cyber war.

“When we interfered, part of the IT infrastructure has already been affected. Therefore, in parallel to preventing the spread of malware, experts have been engaged in rapid restoration of the infrastructure so that users do not experience power outages. That is what has actually happened. No power outages have been signaled. And this is the result of a timely response of the company’s information security officers and CERT-UA experts,”
Viktor Zhora claimed.

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