MacPaw Stands With Ukraine

After Russia started a full-scale war against Ukraine, MacPaw made an official statement telling the world about what had happened in our country. When the first shock passed, the MacPaw team joined the fight against the aggressor like many Ukrainian citizens all over the country.

MacPaw Development Fund

Since the first days of the war, MacPaw team members have been volunteering, supporting the Armed Forces of Ukraine, helping civilians, hospitals and animals in the war zones, donating to charities, etc.

MacPaw provides humanitarian and medical aid to Ukrainians through MacPaw Development Fund, a non-profit organization that has continuously supported the company’s social initiatives and charity projects since 2015. Since the start of the Russian invasion, MacPaw Development Fund has focused its work and resources on helping civilians and the military in the war zones in Ukraine. For example, together with the ‘Come Back Alive’ Fund, MacPaw purchased 40000 CAT hemostatic tourniquets to save people’s lives in Ukraine.

The Fund directed $5 million towards purchasing and delivering medical supplies, food, and protective equipment for people in Ukraine.

The part of the MacPaw team, together with Oleksandr Kosovan, MacPaw’s Founder and CEO, is staying in Kyiv to protect Ukraine and help people with different urgent requests on the ground.

MacPaw Fund started raising funds to have a chance to help more people in Ukraine and cover more requests for help.

The company made it simple to donate to the Fund, so anyone in the world can now help save more lives and ease the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. 

If you’re looking for ways to support Ukrainians, please consider donating to MacPaw Development Fund. The Fund will purchase medical supplies, food, and other critical essentials and deliver them directly to people in Ukraine.

MacPaw products and initiatives during the war

  • Together App
  • SpyBuster
  • Upgraded CleanMyMac X app
  • ClearVPN
  • Setapp’s collection
  • beating Russian propaganda

MacPaw teams use their knowledge and product expertise to create new helpful software for Ukrainians. 

During the war, MacPaw engineers developed and released Together App, an app for Slack where companies can organize daily check-ins for their teams to ensure that everyone is in a safe place. Together App helps understand if employees are safe and discover if anyone needs help. The app has an interactive map displaying the current location of all checked-in people in the team. With the help of a map, people can discover who is around, meet and support each other or join forces for volunteering or other activities. MacPaw added Together App to GitHub so that other companies in Ukraine could also use it internally. 

Another new helpful app from MacPaw engineers is SpyBuster, a free on-device anti-spyware app for Macs to help users protect their data from Russian cyber threats.

SpyBuster identifies apps and websites originating from or communicating with servers in Russia and Belarus and highlights potentially unsafe connections in real-time.

This is important because, according to Russian law, their security service FSB can have access to any data stored on servers in Russia putting users’ data at risk. However, users decide on their own whether to block these connections or uninstall such apps.

Currently, MacPaw engineers are working on a SpyBuster extension for Google Chrome and the iOS version of the app. They also plan to adapt the application for Android and Windows.

After the SpyBuster release, MacPaw also upgraded its CleanMyMac X app with the new Suspicious apps category to quickly identify, review and remove apps originating from Russia and Belarus to protect users from potential cyber threats.

The company also made its ClearVPN free for all Ukrainians to help secure their online experience during the war. 

Along with releasing new products and adding new valuable features to active ones, the MacPaw team put lots of effort into beating Russian propaganda on an informational level.

  • Through its blog and notifications inside the company products, MacPaw spreads the truth about the war in Ukraine.
  • Also, MacPaw’s PR Lead Julia Petryk shared her experience about sheltering in an underground parking garage, enduring Russian propaganda, and confronting the emotional toil of the war.

For obvious reasons, MacPaw stopped selling its products in Russia and Belarus. CleanMyMac X, Setapp, and other MacPaw products are no longer available for purchase or download for users in the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus. The company also urges its partners to stop operating and providing services on the territories of Russia and Belarus.

Setapp, a subscription-based productivity platform for macOS and iOS by MacPaw, created a collection of Ukrainian apps to help the country keep up its economy by paying Ukrainian developers.

MacPaw provides free annual access to CleanMyMac X to all media representatives who cover the war in Ukraine to ensure reliable and quick work of their devices in this difficult time.

MacPaw team and operations in times of war

The war hasn’t affected the work of MacPaw products as the company had prepared all the processes and emergency procedures for the possible Russian invasion.

MacPaw products have been working with no disruptions since the first day of the war.

Due to the preliminary preparations for the worst-case scenario of the events, the team could fully focus on their safety during the first weeks of the war. When the first shock passed and everyone was in relatively safe places, the team started to get back to work.

Today, the safety and well-being of its team is the main priority for MacPaw. The company is doing its best to support the team in these hard times.

  • The company organized an internal Emergency Concierge Service that helps employees with evacuation to safer places, finding accommodation in new cities, moving abroad, or helping with any other urgent requests.
  • MacPaw team members who defend Ukraine or volunteer continue receiving their monthly payments as if they performed their work in full.
  • The company also provides financial support for everyone who needs it. 

MacPaw’s certified coaches provide psychological and emotional support for the team. Everyone in the company can have a one-on-one session with a coach or join the daily group meeting for emotional support.

MacPaw is a software company with headquarters in Kyiv, Ukraine, that develops and distributes software for macOS and iOS. MacPaw is the maker behind CleanMyMac X and Setapp. In 2017, MacPaw acquired The Unarchiver and has been actively supporting the product since. Today, MacPaw products have more than 30 million users worldwide. Every fifth Mac on Earth has at least one app by MacPaw.

MacPaw is proud to be Ukrainian. Support and development of Ukraine is a significant part of the company’s culture.

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