Ukrainian Diia City has been shortlisted for the Future of Emerging Europe Awards


Ukrainian Diia City has been shortlisted for the fifth edition of the Future of Emerging Europe Awards among 50 organisations and individuals from across Central, Eastern, South-Eastern Europe and the Caucasus.


  • Diia City by the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine presented in a section “Modern and future-proof policy”: “For its unique contribution to position Ukraine as a powerful IT hub, by creating enabling conditions for companies to grow and attract foreign investment.”
  • Winners of the awards will be chosen by a mix of jury and public votes: votes can be cast here until May 31. Award winners will be announced at a ceremony set to take place in Brussels on June 23.
  • The Future of Emerging Europe programme promotes environmental, social and governance practices (ESG) and sustainable development goals within the framework of the United Nations’ development dimensions. It brings together like-minded individuals and leading organisations that want to have a meaningful impact on the future of the emerging Europe region.
 Andrew Wrobel, Emerging Europe’s founding partner: “In line with our mission to foster social, economic and democratic development in the region, this ongoing Emerging Europe flagship initiative creates knowledge, generates debate, identifies growth opportunities and takes action towards progress.”

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