SPEKA: Roman Sheremeta about sanctions, tech industry and rebuilding Ukraine


Interview with Roman Sheremeta, founding director of American University Kyiv, about technological and financial sanctions in russia and approach to rebuilding Ukraine: “This war destroyed the myth not only of the russian army but also of russian hackers.”


  • The war strengthens our understanding of the necessity of digital weapons, a cyber army;
  • Reshaping the IT market after a massive outflow of global companies and tech specialists from russia in light of aggression (working in and with russia is toxic for business and reputation)
  • Ukrainian tech sector is the most flexible industry in the country even in wartime – it’s very powerful asset we have
  • About mobilization: “When we mobilize doctors, they work in hospitals, they have scalpels in their hands, not rifle. Similarly, IT spesialist with a riffle is not always the optimal use of his skills in defending the state. The same with engineers and scientists”
  • dron aircrafts are the impactful revelation of the war according to military experts.
  • using and analyzing data and satellite images, software are the core of effective battles on the ground.
  • As U.S. Senator John McCain once say: “Russia is a gas station masquerading as a country”. That’s absolutly true.
  • Approaches to rebuilding Ukraine: confiscation of frozen russian assets to restore Ukraine; attract other countries to rebuild Ukrainian regions; plan Marshall for Ukraine; adapt EU economic system in the country.
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