NV: Russia, once considered a top force in cyberspace, now being mocked by world’s best hackers


In previous years, russian hackers earned a reputation as being perhaps the strongest force in cyberspace. But the war in Ukraine has showed that their capabilities were greatly overestimated.

  • Most experts were convinced that a modern full-scale war was impossible without hackers. Humans’ dependence on technology has become so obvious that attempts to disable these technologies during hostilities are fully expected.
  • In the context of a possible Kremlin attack, analysts speculated that the offensive by ground forces would be accompanied by hacker attacks on critical infrastructure that further intimidated people and destabilized the situation.
  • There are a large number of hacker groups in Russia that are allegedly not affiliated with the government, but often act in the interests of the regime. But hackers are also part of Russia’s armed forces and intelligence services.
  • NV found out how effective the attacks of russian hackers were, how the hacking community supported Ukraine, and whether online special operations will really be a weapon of the future.

Stefano De Blasi, a cyber-threat intelligence analyst at Digital Shadows: “Until now, Russia has been one of the countries from which the cyber threat comes, not the victim.”

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