Lviv IT Cluster Resumes the IT Village Project

The wartime infrastructure challenge has enhanced the relevance of the IT Village project by Lviv IT Cluster.

  • According to the approximate assessment, the number of IT professionals staying in Lviv and the region varies between 70,000 and 100,000. Obviously, not all those who relocated to Lviv will remain in the city.
  • But the number of IT professionals in the city will definitely increase, entailing the question of where they will live and whether they will have conditions for a comfortable stay.
  • The IT Village project was launched in 2018, it intents on uniting IT professionals in a modern suburban space 9 km from Lviv. Houses in the IT Village are divided into five types.
  • At present, the third construction stage continues in the IT Village. Facade works have already started in the houses of the first stage. Now, upon the resumption of the land plots booking, visits to the IT Village become possible at any convenient time to see what your future home may look like and ask all the questions.
  • According to the services that monitor the real estate market, 71 out of 189 construction sites in Lviv have resumed their work. IT Village is no exception. The project revamps its work and reopens reservations of the land plots.
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